In Concert
  • Diana Panton is top of the charts in Taiwan ... and Westdale
    by Graham Rockingham

    Diana Panton trio sells out The Westdale for the first-ever live music performance at the newly refurbished art deco theatre.

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    [See photos of the event by Meaghan Eady at here]
  • Diana sells out the National Concert Hall in Taipei!

    For Diana's third visit to Taiwan, she was invited to perform at the National Concert Hall, Taipei's premiere performance venue.  The 2000+ seat venue SOLD OUT in one week!

    [See some photos of the event.]
  • Tokyo Cotton Club Review

    I felt that the whole venue was bathed in her sweet voice. She went on to sing “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”, “Wouldn’t It Lovery”, “Tea for Two” and by that point, I found that I was totally lured into her musical world. The whole audience surrendered to her sweet voice and was healed by the music, even in the swinging tunes. I found a quiet feeling of satisfaction during the show.

    by Kiyotaka Hirai, Jazz Hihyoissue no.189, Japan

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  • 2015 HMA WINNER Best Jazz Album

    HMA Mainstage concert featuring Reg Schwager and Don Thompson, special guest Harrison Kennedy

    [see photos by Jose Crespo from Mainstage Concert at Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton]
  • 2015 JUNO WINNER Best Jazz Vocal Album

    JUNOfest concert featuring Reg Schwager and Don Thompson

    [see photos by Jose Crespo from JUNOfest 2015 Concert at The Gasworks, Hamilton]
  • Diana's return visit to Russia!

    The Diana Panton trio plays romantic, tender and very sincere jazz. There is flawless precision and a perfect finish to every sound. The musicians are so full of love for music, people and life and it makes every concert an unforgettable experience.

    by Evghenia, Vladivostok Jazz Festival, Russia

    [see photos from the event]
  • Diana's second tour of Western Canada!

    Our audience was witness to all the compelling reasons why Diana Panton has received the exuberant international acclaim that she has. Her gift is very special; the clarity of voice, the clear enunciation and her wonderful sense of time, showcase the songs in their best possible light. We wait with excited anticipation for the many new albums that are dancing around in her head. We will definitely stay tuned to this talented artist to see what wonders the future brings.

    by Steve Gedrose, Director of Jazz Yukon, Jazz Yukon producer for CBC Radio Yukon jazz series.

    [see photos by Bruce Barrett and Fawn Fritzen]

    It was a highlight of my season as the new manager at The Bassment to see the sultry Diana hit the stage of our Saskatoon club. She sang her heart out to a full house of captivated listeners. A very red night indeed. Fantastic!

    by JANIS HUTTON, The Bassment, Saskatoon

    Diana Panton's return engagement to the Bassment was a resounding success. Her stellar trio of Canadian jazz titans Don Thompson, Reg Schwager, and Phil Dwyer provided sensitive back-up and quite a collection of exquisite solos. However, it was Diana's voice that made the show - she has a truly unique and beautiful instrument. Her acapella version of A Tisket, A Tasket was the highlight of the night and it proved that she can really swing.

    by DON GRIFFTH, The Bassment, Saskatoon

    Diana Panton along with Don Thompson, Reg Schwager and Phil Dwyer presented a musical gift to our audience. Diana’s beautiful clear voice and the effortless and expressive interpretation of her material plus the virtuosity of her band made for a highly enjoyable concert experience.

    by LINDA JENSEN, E.A. Rawlinson Centre, Prince Albert

    [see photos by Perry Bergson]

  • CD release concert for "RED" with the string quartet from the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

    [see photos from the event]
  • Diana's first tour of Asia!

    Excellent concert! Diana Panton interpreted [standards] in her unique style  and delicate voice,  breathing new life into those classics.  Her beautiful gentle bilingual interpretation of the famous Mandarin standard,“Tian Mi Mi”was really enchanting and outstanding. 

    New Evening Post, review Hong Kong (August 2013)

    With Reg Schwager’s guitar accompaniment coming through the high fidelity audiophile system, Diana Panton,  the leading Canadian jazz vocalist, sang bossa nova in her  pure and natural signature voice bringing the audience an unbelievably cool breeze on such a hot summer day.  Both the performance of guitar and voice were the ultimate in high fidelity. 

    Audio Technique, review Hong Kong (August 2013)

    Check out photos from Diana's first time in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei!

    [see photos from the tour]
  • Diana Panton with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

    Working with Diana Panton and her all-star quartet was a real treat! Diana was simply amazing ... her voice was perfect for the Great Hall at Hamilton Place and she and the orchestra complemented each other so well. Our musicians found Don Thompson's orchestral arrangements magical, and our audience was certainly delighted! We heard only positive feedback after the concert. With nearly 1,200 people in the hall, it still seemed intimate thanks to Diana's personable demeanour on stage. The line of fans after the show to meet Diana and have their CDs signed (nearly 80 sold) was long. This concert was the definite highlight of our Pops season!

    by Carol Kehoe, Executive Director, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

    [Read more about the event at Share Panton's 'career highlight' with the HPO]

    [Read more about the event at Hamilton Music Notes, Ric Taylor, VIEW Magazine]
    [see photos of the event]
  • Diana's first tour of Western Canada!

    Panton’s CD sales set a new and ‘best-ever’ record for our series. This coupled with our best ticket sales of the season capped our year on a very positive note. It would be our very great honour to bring Diana Panton with The Canadian Jazz Masters back to our stage.

    by Steve Gedrose, Director of Jazz Yukon, Jazz Yukon producer for CBC Radio Yukon jazz series.

    [Read more and see photos by Bruce Barrett]

    Diana Panton's recent sold out performance at The Bassment was the highlight of our season - it was nothing short of an artistic triumph. Her sensitive and refreshing interpretation of vocal standards was mesmerizing.She had all 210 people captivated for the entire evening.Backed by the best players in Canada, Diana Panton put on a performance that will go down in Bassment history. She shattered The Bassment record for cd sales - and no wonder - people did not want the experience to end.

    by DON GRIFFTH, The Bassment, Saskatoon

    These performances were made possible in part by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council's National and International Touring program.

  • CD release concert for "to Brazil with love" at the Glenn Gould Theatre

    [see photos by Jose Crespo]
  • Last concert! Time Warp, Diana Panton Trio, Barry Elmes Quintet
    DENNIS O'TOOLE, The Peterborough Examiner, Sunday, April 12th, 2009

    Excerpt from article by DENNIS O'TOOLE.

    The Kawartha Jazz Society (KJS) held the last official concert in a long and distinguished line of world class performances at the venerable Market Hall venue Saturday night.
    The KJS were rewarded with a capacity crowd of local music enthusiasts who in turn were rewarded with stunning performances by a collective of eight of Canada's premiere jazz musicians performing as three different acts that delivered a solid evening of diverse jazz influence covering both instrumental virtuosity (aplenty) and soaring vocals provided by the lovely and talented Diana Panton.

  • Summer Serenades in the Square at Young-Dundas (Toronto) with Reg Schwager and Don Thompson

    Excerpt from "NOW PICKS Best Bets for Outdoor Concerts for Summer 2007" by Benjamin Boles, Sarah Liss and Tim Perlich, NOW Magazine's HOT SUMMER GUIDE

    Some of the highlights, [...], are rising Steeltown jazz threat Diana Panton (July 11) [...].

    [more photos of the event]
  • CD release if the moon turns green ... (Convocation Hall, McMaster): with Reg Schwager & Don Thompson

    [more photos of the event]
  • CD Release …yesterday perhaps (Studio theatre): with Don Thompson, Ted Quinlan
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "Our best-kept secret" by Leonard Turnevicius, The Hamilton Spectator

    Diana Panton sets herself apart in jazz traditions. […] Small on patter, but sweet on ballads, jazz chanteuse Diana Panton launched her CD …yesterday perhaps before a supportive crowd in Hamilton Place Studio Theatre on Saturday night. […] Mellow tunes like I’m a Fool to Want You, and This is Always, saw Panton, eyes closed, pouring out her heart, tapering long held notes into thin air. […] Panton, who by her own admission sings infrequently in public, is surely one of Hamilton’s best-kept musical secrets.

  • Ooh la la concert: with David Braid, Pat Collins
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "Panton trio heats up cold winter night" by Leonard Turnevicius, The Hamilton Spectator

    […] Diana let loose with a solo rendition of Ella Fitzgerald’s A-Tisket, A-Tasket that brought down the house. The audience called for “More!” And there was. With references to jazz artists, the lyrics of Peggy Lee’s I Love Bein’ Here With You appropriately summed up the evening. But the audience insisted on an encore and the Diana Panton trio obliged with Irving Berlin’s Isn’t This A Lovely Day. Diana, David [Braid] and Pat [Collins]: even though it was an Eskimo winter outside, as long as we could be with you, it was a lovely evening.

  • Au Revoir Diana Panton concert: with the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "Jazzy sendoff for a great ballad singer" by Hugh Fraser, The Hamilton Spectator

    […] She has always, from the very beginning, been a magnificent ballad singer. Give her something like Duke’s first big hit, Solitude, or the ever-unwinding, never-ending musical thread of Rodgers and Hart’s Little Girl Blue, give her enough room behind the beat to tuck in a sensitively managed accompaniment and you have tiny masterpieces created before your very ears.

    The limpid yet lambent mastery of the gently bent phrase and the chiseled and beautifully sustained logic of the melodic line are all things that have given immense pleasure over the years.

    Paradoxically, for such a sensitive and musically exquisite ballad singer, it is when she really cuts loose that she seems most truly, uniquely herself. The blues-drenched Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me, the positively rowdy and raunchy Deed I Do and the encore, the famous, fabulous, fire-eating Doctor Feel Good are all totally transformed each time she does them. They mark Panton as a big band singer supreme.

  • Duke and the First Lady Concert: with the HASJB
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "Young all-star jazz band leaves audience smiling" by Hugh Fraser, The Hamilton Spectator

    [Diana’s] singing now simply floats anywhere she wants it to and she has a touch that is unequalled with a ballad. Imagination, Solitude, In A Sentimental Mood and I Got it Bad (And That Ain’t Good) were all exceptional in elegant phrasing, precise intonation and a wonderful sense of just-behind the beat dramatic timing. Equally good were the gently swingers like Squeeze Me […], Cheek to Cheek, Can’t We Be Friends […] And no one, in my experience, except Ella herself in the Imperial Room in Toronto, has ever done an a cappella Mr. Paganini better.

  • with the HASJB
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "A thrilling evening with Diana Panton" by Hugh Fraser, The Hamilton Spectator

    […] The library of songs [Diana] sang were what I like to call American lieder –just to give them the dignity that the classical side of the music gives to its songs, and I do because they are the same thing – moving poetry set to lovely music. Duke’s Solitude, Keeps on Raining,You Better Go Now, Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone, I Love You Porgy, St. Louis Blues and a really stunning acappella Strange Fruit were but a few of the numbers she sang with the big band, the Farrugia trio or just with guitarist Dan Cross.

    In them she proved she has become a great practitioner of this art form and I say that without qualification. What she did Saturday she could have done in any of the world’s great halls or famed jazz clubs and caused the same awed reaction in her listeners.

    She brings to each song that perfect combination of words and music. Words so naturally phrased they seem as easy as conversation, music so deliciously supported and coloured by a voice that can do whatever it wishes to express the deepest emotions. Emotions all the more potent for being subtly understated, yet profoundly understood.

  • Diana Panton with the David Braid Trio
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "Musical conversations" by Hugh Fraser, The Hamilton Spectator

    Each [Panton and Braid] multiplies the other’s art, and when they hold their conversations in music it is with an understanding, flair and profundity that makes listening an enthralling experience […]

    “I’ve always enjoyed her interpretation, and where she likes to sit within a tune is where I like to be a lot of the time as well,” says Braid. “It’s like a compatible conversation. And when this concert came up, I immediately thought of my trio because we are all on the same wavelength. [We also have] a compatible love for the same repertoire,” Braid says.

  • Billie & Basie with the HASJB
    The Hamilton Spectator

    Excerpt from "One Ella of a show…" by Hugh Fraser, The Hamilton Spectator

    The other benefit, Saturday, was the Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald featuring vocalist Diana Panton, pianist David Braid and Russ Weil’s Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band. A usually reliable source phoned to say “it was better than the three tenors” and it was also hugely successful.

    "We had to turn away about 200 hundred people,” said Weil. “And we had to start late in order to seat everybody who could get tickets [in the 700 capacity theatre plus 200 temporary seats added to accommodate numbers], because some people queued for an hour.”