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  • Diana Panton: Canadian songbird carries on the tradition
    by RANDY L. SMITH, Jazz Journal, UK

    The soft-toned Canadian singer recalls Peggy Lee, Lee Wiley or Blossom Dearie. Her quiet intensity and subtle swing making more out of less.

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  • Diana Panton: Cheerful Earful
    by MARC MYERS, JazzWax

    Diana Panton's voice is irresistible. It's not just that her phrasing is rich with mischief and joy. Or that she has great taste in songs and that she gleefully avoids tired songbook standards. For me, it's her sound and skills.

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  • Diana Panton: A Cheerful Little Earful
    by RAUL DA GAMA, Toronto Music Report

    [...] there’s nothing like the eternal magic of this repertoire sung by Diana Panton, with the great musicianship of Don Thompson and Reg Schwager accompanying her along the way. As ever on A Cheerful Little Earful Miss Panton is on top of her game. She gives notice throughout that she is an artist of the first order.

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  • Cheerful Little Earful: Interview with Musical Artist Diana Panton 
    by MEAGAN MEEHAN, Kidskintha

    "I always get excited by the prospect that some little person out there may be introduced to jazz for the very first time through my music.  I didn’t discover jazz until I was a teenager, but I can only imagine how cool it would have been to hear jazz as a toddler!" Diana Panton

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  • Diana Panton shares A Cheerful Little Earful
    by ARPITA GHOSAL, Sesay Arts Magazine

    Despite her renown, Panton’s name was new to me when I listened to a preview of A Cheerful Little Earful, her second album for children. Experiencing the album without preconception was like unwrapping an unexpected gift. It is a delightful record, and Panton is a terrific singer. The novel arrangements spotlight her considerable vocal prowess [...]

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  • I'm more confident in being in the moment
    -  The Diana Panton interview
    by PETER HUM, The Ottawa Citizen

    Not only has the pure, gentle-voiced singer made eight albums, but two of them have won Junos. While Panton is based in Hamilton, she has toured not just across Canada, but also to Mexico, Japan and China.

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  • Jazz and Improvised
    by ANDREW SCOTT, WholeNote Magazine

    solstice/equinox by Diana Panton is another gorgeously perfect recording that the Hamilton jazz singer makes a nearly annual habit of releasing with ease.

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  • Diana Panton wraps her voice around the four seasons
    by GRAHAM ROCKINGHAM, The Hamilton Spectator

    "Part of my vision for this was to showcase different instrumental colours for the seasons. Off the top there is Phil Dwyer's soprano saxophone, lighter and happier for spring. That transitions into summertime with Guido's flugelhorn. It's a little more mature and sort of slows things down. Then Phil came back for autumn, playing the tenor saxophone and we finish with Guido again at the end for winter. I wanted the instruments to be part of the sonic landscape."

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  • The 5-time Juno nominee who moonlights as a
    Hamilton high school teacher
    by DAVID FRIEND The Canadian Press

    The Hamilton high school teacher hasn't told her students much about her other career as a Juno-winning jazz musician, but as she contends for a trophy at Saturday's Juno Awards gala dinner it's getting hard to dodge the subject.

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  • Bedazzled by Diana Panton
    by Raul da Gama, photo by Jo Dickins, JazzdaGama

    Interpretation is everything, but there is a very special singularity and an abject ‘nakedness’ about the way Panton approaches the lyric, and it is this very way of inhabiting the elemental spirit of the song that sets her apart. Read full feature.

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  • Westdale's Panton finds the child in all of us
    by Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator, photo by Jose Crespo

    Hamilton jazz singer Diana Panton's new album has been out only a little more than a week in Canada, but it's been sitting at the top of charts in parts of Asia for more than a month.

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  • Diana Panton: cover feature
    photo by Jose Crespo, article by Carl Hnatyshyn, Editor's Picks by Mark Skulnick, Hamilton Magazine

    Her most recent album, RED, garnered almost universal praise from critics for her emotive vocals and the album's sophisticated, impressive arrangements.

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  • A Sumptuous Sequel
    by Alex J Macpherson, Verb Magazine

    In 2009, Diana Panton released her third collection of jazz standards, Pink. Recorded with longtime collaborators Don Thompson and Reg Schwager, Pink folded some of the finest songs about hopefulness, anticipation, and shy glances ever written into a moving story of young love. Last year, Panton, who is one of the most distinctive and talented jazz singers in the country, decided to record its sequel. Red emerged from the group's Toronto studio as a potent antidote to its wistful predecessor. Whereas Pink is airy and bright and breezy, Red simmers with passion and boils over with intensity.

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  • Diana Panton Undercurrents
    by Bill King, Odeum Magazine

    Where did singer Diana Panton come from? It's as if she slipped through a secret back entrance and settled in an exclusive jazz parlour for the long stay.  The musicians set up, charts neatly tailored, and then the voice begins to sing in a sentimental wisp comforting the room - familiar, yet with a new-found flair and style.  Not the emotive power of Ella or the granular lived-in tone of Billie, but the kindly sweetness of a new soul with something meaningful to say.

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  • Singing Red, songs of passion and unqualified love
    by GRAHAM ROCKINGHAM, The Hamilton Spectator

    Diana Panton hears music in colour. When she hears songs about the twists and turns of budding love, she sees pink. When she hears songs of love in full bloom, she sees red.

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  • Diana Panton with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
    by RIC TAYLOR, VIEW Magazine

    Over the last seven years, Diana Panton has certainly made a splash in the jazz world internationally. With five CDs, fans have fallen in love with the sultry voice and sparse arrangements of this jazz chanteuse. But her recent non-holiday CD, From Brazil With Love, featured a distinct growth in the arrangements and players featured in her music that certainly foreshadowed a new direction for Panton’s musical journey.
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  • Jazz singer Panton explores new interpretations of classics:
    Hamilton artist plays Edmonton's Yardbird
    by ROGER LEVESQUE, Special to

    [...] it says something about her own gifts that she has attracted such willing accomplices. Her alluring balance of sweetness and clarity and her confident presence should only continue to win more fans.
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  • For the Love of Jazz: Diana Panton is now one of the top singers in the country
    by GRAHAM ROCKINGHAM, Hamilton Spectator

    Panton is now one of the top jazz singers in the country. Her first album, Yesterday Perhaps, won Panton praise from jazz aficionados across the country. Last year, her second CD, If the Moon Turns Green, earned her a Juno nomination. Tonight, at a sold-out concert at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Panton introduces her third CD, Pink, to her local fans. It promises even better things for Panton.

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  • In Retro Magazine: Practical Timing is Everything
    by MORGAN WILDER © In Retro Magazine, Photo by KEVIN KAVANAUGH

    ... Diana has an innate sense of timing, because from the time she began recording, a steady growing success has followed. Practical timing is everything. But it will be the genius behind it all that will lead this talent to the standalone, successful music career she so deserves.

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  • Hamilton Magazine : High Notes
    Special to HM

    Since being discovered as a teenager, flame-haired jazz vocalist Diana Panton has had no trouble finding the spotlight. She might not naturally seek it out, mind you. The retiring Westdale Secondary School teacher is more interested in performing with inspired musicians in a studio or small club than playing to a huge room. But a huge room is what she’ll get when she appears this July as part of the legendary Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival in Antibes, France. . . .

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  • July View Magazine Article
    by RIC TAYLOR photo by MICHAEL CHAMBERS, VIEW Magazine

    At the early age of 19, Diana Panton was turning heads. Becoming a stand out with early appearances with the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band and concerts with pianist David Braid, it took nearly a decade but Panton realized her first CD in 2005 with …yesterday perhaps. Acclaimed by the national media as one of the year’s best jazz works, it’s now taken two years for Panton sophomore CD, but it was well worth the wait . . . .

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  • Steeltown produces a smouldering-hot jazz singing sensation
    by TIM PERLICH Photo by STEVE PAYNE, NOW Magazine

    Could the hottest young jazz singing prospect in Canada be a high school French teacher in Hamilton? Sure, it seems crazy, and having grown up in the Steel City myself just increases my skepticism. But once you hear Diana Panton breathe new life into familiar standards and make Frank Sinatra's closing-time classic In The Wee Small Hours into her own private lullaby, you'll realize, as I have, that there's something very special about this Westdale Secondary School staffer. . . .

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  • This Hamilton jazz vocalist’s stunning debut disc will knock your socks off
    by CHRIS WATSON Photo by JOSE CRESPO, VIEW Magazine

    Diana Panton. If you don’t know the name, you should (and will). But more importantly, you want to get to know the voice. As jazz vocalists’ instruments go, hers is unique, though you’ll find hints of the past there too, if you listen—the girlishness of Ella Fitzgerald, the authority and skill of a Sarah Vaughan, occasionally even the world–weariness of a Billie Holiday. Those are some pretty big names from which to draw comparison, but the correlations are apt and free of hyperbole. Diana Panton is just that good . . .

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