Diana Panton's voice is as fresh as a daisy, enchanting in its directness, and perfectly suited to the songs she's chosen. There's a child in each of us, and Panton and her longtime musical companions have that child in the palm of their musical hand.
Katie Malloch
・featured on NPR radio
・2019 Best Audiophile Recording Nominee
 at the Rocky Mountain International HiFi
 Press Awards
・2017 JUNO Best Children's Album (CAN)
・****! DOWNBEAT Best Albums of 2016
・School Library Journal Top 10 Albums of 2016
・#1 Jazz Album on Amazon.ca/com
・#1 Movers and Shakers Chart Amazon.com
・#1 Jazz Album iTunes.ca/com
・#1 Jazz Album on Books.com in Taiwan
・#8 BillBoard's Jazz Chart
・#11 BillBoard's Kids Chart
・Top 10 Jazz Bestseller, HMV Japan
・A Parents' Choice Silver Honour Award
・Family Choice Award
・HMA's Best Children's Album of the Year
"We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through
the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund) and of Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters."
Interview on NPR
In Children's Music, Diana Panton Finds A Few Lessons For Adults
"The way a child thinks is a good model for us sometimes," Panton says.
Though I Believe In Little Things is her first album for kids,
the jazz musician says she hardly changed her approach. 
1. In A World Of My Own
2. Alice In Wonderland
3. Pure Imagination
4. Imagination
5. Sing
6. I'm Going To Go Back There Someday
7. The Rainbow Connection
8. Little Things

  9. When You Wish Upon A Star
10. Halfway Down The Stairs
11. Everybody Sleeps
12. Sleep Is A Precious Thing
13. Hushabye Mountain
14. Slumber My Darling

Diana Panton - vocal
Don Thompson - bass, piano, vibes
Reg Schwager - guitar
Coenraad Bloemendal - cello

I Believe in Little Things is a carefully curated album that highlights Diana Panton's enchanting vocals on obscure gems and classic children's masterpieces from Disney, Sesame Street, Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory etc. Her sweet pure expression is a hand-in-glove fit for this timeless material. There is a penetrating power to Panton's storytelling of the songs. This, coupled with exemplary recording quality, Don Thompson's delightful jazz arrangements and masterful accompaniment by Thompson, Reg Schwager and Coenraad Bloemendal give new scope to this repertoire. The album was selected as the Best Jazz Album of 2015 by Books.com (Taiwan's equivalent to Amazon.com). It was the third Bestseller of 2015 at Eslite in Hong Kong and landed in the TOP 10 Jazz Bestsellers list of 2015 at HMV, Japan. In 2017, it was still on the Top 5 Bestselling Jazz albums for Books.com (Taiwan's equivalent of Amazon).In 2019, Little Things was nominated for Best Audiophile Recording at the Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards.

Diana Panton is one of my favourite jazz singers of the new generation. Her vulnerable, gentle voice has peacefully coaxed me to fall in love with her singing. In addition, the high quality sound of her recording, both detailed and exquisite, is superior to many so-called "audiophile" CDs.
Hong Kong's HiFi Review Magazine
I felt bathed in gentle warm sunshine when I heard the first note of the first song. Diana Panton's voice is special amongst the many female vocalists in the world today. I would guess that her fans have been waiting for her to make an album like this one. The album is like a picture book. Diana tells us in her liners "Whether awake or asleep, I wish you dreams full of wonder" and this album truly delivers on that promise. This is her 7th album after RED was released in 2013. By the second track of the new album ,"Alice in Wonderland" (from the film by the same name), we are completely immersed in Diana's musical wonderland.
Masahiro Imai, FM Club
Real-life singing fairy, Diana Panton, brings us a new album inspired by her imagination [...]. The cute cover illustration by Jacqui Lee shows a girl cycling with a bear, fox and mouse - the perfect beginning to this delightful album. Panton, who has grown to become the representative singer of the Canadian jazz scene, explains in the liner notes that "Imagination is one of our greatest gifts". Imagination and childlike innocence are key concepts to understanding this album. Panton was prompted to make this album based on feedback from listeners that their children sleep well listening to her music. As such, this album features lovely musical selections for kids, such as Disney's "In a World of My Own", "Alice in Wonderland", "When You Wish Upon a Star" and the Carpenter's hit "Sing". Rest-assured however, this sweet and romantic music can appeal to all music lovers who are young at heart, not just children. I think "heartwarming"is the best word to describe this well-crafted gem. In particular, the final four tracks focus on sleeping and those suffering from stress should find it healing.
Keiichi Konishi, Jazz Japan
Diana Panton's enchanting and pure voice captivated me completely on her debut album. Since then, I've purchased all six of her albums and I introduce her at every opportunity to other audiophile fans. Her most recent release features children's songs, such as "Alice in Wonderland" and "When You Wish Upon A Star". From the opening track, "In A World of my Own", you can enjoy Panton's child-like voice swinging and bouncing to the rhythm. I also like her gentle vocal style that lulls the listener in "Everybody Sleeps". She will come to Japan in early October for her first concert here. Of course, I've already booked my seat!
Reiji Asakura, Japan's Tokusengai
Pure music for adults who are young at heart. This is a new album from Diana Panton, who was awarded "Best Vocal Jazz Album" at the JUNOs (Canada's version of the Grammies) for her album RED, released in 2013. The new album is destined for children and features mainly music from films for kids. Panton's clear and cute vocals are a hand-in-glove fit for this concept, and the re-harmonizations bring a fresh and romantic flavour to the songs. Canadian jazz virtuoso, Don Thompson, successfully collaborates with Panton on this album with his bass, piano, vibraphone playing and arrangements. The musical format it simple, but there is much varied music to enjoy here.
Kazune Hayata, Japan's Jazz Life
The Canadian diva's albums are always inspired by a certain theme. This album features mostly film music for children. Panton shines a gentle light on standards, such as "Alice in Wonderland", "When You Wish Upon A Star" and "Sing". "Pure Imagination" is arranged with an elegant and nostalgic arrangement and Diana's vocal is set free in the imaginative world of her childhood.
Toshimitsu Uemura, CD Journal
Diana Panton [...] is a beautiful Canadian Jazz singer who has loyal fans in Japan. She teaches French in highschool and has a very keen sense of words and has a deep understanding of a lyric which she uses to great effect when gently communicating the story of a song to her listeners with her evocative voice. Her albums almost always have a theme and it would seem that the latest album is dedicated to music which inspires dreams in both children and adults who are young at heart. The album is comprised of 14 songs, two of which originate from Alice in Wonderland, and "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, "Rainbow Connection" made famous by Kermit the Frog, "I Believe in Little Things" and "Everybody Sleeps" from Sesame Street and "Sing", a big hit for the Carpenters. Don Thompson (p, b, vin) and Reg Schwager (g) support Diana on this album, as they have on her previous albums, and Coenraad Bloemendal (cello) is highlighted on some tracks. A very comforting and gentle album for children. I'm really looking forward to her first concert in Japan.
Keizo Takada, Record Collectors
Une voix remplie de douceur comme une caresse sur la joue. Encore une fois Diana Panton nous apporte un album rempli de chansons magnifiques et de soleil. Idéal pour réchauffer corps et âmes devant la grisaille de l’automne. Excellent!
Louis Brunet, CKMN-FM 96,5 Rimouski, Quebec
[…] you don't have to be a child to appreciate Panton's breezy vocals and the sparkling musical arrangements that are quite literally a joy to behold.
Hamilton Magazine
A perfect stocking stuffer for the little ones.
David Olds, Editor's Corner, WholeNote Magazine
Panton finds the child in all of us.
Graham Rockingham, The Hamilton Spectator
The video for "I Believe in Little Things" is charming and whimsical, and Panton's warm and clear voice elegantly lays out Raposo's masterful lyrics, with Jacqui Lee's illustration a perfect fit. Definitely an album to look forward to […].
Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble
[This] music can definitely be enjoyed by both adults and kids, but these songs were specifically chosen to reach the tender hearts and creative minds of children. The sweet vocals and beautifully arranged music are perfect to listen to before bed or anytime a calm mood is appropriate. The songs are dream-like and just right for encouraging imaginations to run free.
Mama Likes This
While this is being marketed as a children’s album, ears of any age will appreciate its simplistic, heartfelt beauty.
Dan Pavelich, "Quick Spins", Kenosha News
Essentially, I Believe in Little Things is a landmark album in many ways. While it’s a kid’s disc that will satisfy (and not annoy) adults, it’s also a perfect primer for the young fry into the jazz genre. In a sense, this disc might become as much of a gateway drug into jazz for youths that the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack was for kids of the 1960s.
Zachary Houle, music critic
Her voice is so pure and gentle that it is a very peaceful, jazzy album that is perfect to sooth a child's nerves and even reminds parents how lovely these songs were growing up.
Jim Pasinski, The Record-Journal, Connecticut
[Diana] has decided to use her powers of loveliness to record an album for children and families, choosing an incredible array of songs that parents will recognize and that their kids will fall in love with too. Not all of the songs are about love, and yet I can’t listen to a single one of them without feeling that warm feeling all over. If love had a voice, it would be Diana Panton's.
Adam Hall, Tenor Dad
A treasure for the young and young at heart, I Believe in Little Things has a soothing tone that makes it especially ideal to play just as bedtime approaches. Highly recommended!
Midwest Book Review
This album was created specifically for young listeners, a segue for them to become avid jazz advocates in the future. [Panton's] soft dreamy-like voice is soothing and calming, just perfect... enabling your child to lay back and get lost in her music, thus forgetting about worries and cares and dwelling on the little things of life that bring happiness to a child.
I already listen to Diana's CDs and love her music, but her live performance [at the Tokyo Cotton Club] was quite outstanding and special. It seemed to me that Diana's characteristic sweet and relaxing voice infiltrated into the audience's ears making everyone feel healed and calm. […] Her music has a power to drive away negative feelings, and provided a very important opportunity for me to re-set myself. If you make a mistake at work, or have a quarrel with your friends, listen to Diana's music. This is my advice.
Hiroyuki Akiyama, HOOP
[This album] will generate a sense of nostalgia in older listeners and serve as a starting point for younger listeners to learn about the beloved songs and movies from which they were lifted.
Phil's Picks
This is [Panton's] debut family album and it's an effort that will please all ages. Her sweet, girlish voice works wonders with a variety of delightful tunes […] This album's a charmer from start to finish.
Paul Freeman, Deja Re-Vu, Pop Culture Classics
With the ten songs on “I Believe in Little Things” Diana Panton transports us into the idyllic world of children's books, from which the illustration on the cover might have sprung - yet the album is far from being intended just for children. [… it is also ...] a fairytale record for adults. The longer it runs, the further you drift from all the sorrows and problems of everyday life into a wonderful world full of short stories and dreams.
Werner Stiefele, Rondo Magazine, Germany
This is a superb example of children's music that speaks to both kids and parents. Diana Panton's vocals are smooth and soothing and the instrumentation sophisticated and polished. Add the CD's great packaging and you've got yourself a grand slam NAPPA winner!
The National Parenting Product Awards
My absolute favourite [track is] number five, ‘Sing’. This song was written by Joe Raposo and you may remember it from Sesame Street. I personally remember it so vividly from my pre-school years and it brought all kinds of memories rushing back, quite frankly moving me to tears. It was a song that my mum sung to me as a child and it holds so much fondness for me, and now, it’s a song I enjoy singing to my own little poppet! If you’re a fan of jazz, blues, beautiful melodies, or even just relaxing and relatable music you can listen to with your children, then I highly recommend buying a copy of this absolute gem by Diana Panton.
Indi Taylor, {KID}Independent, Australia
We've discovered the perfect soundtrack for lazy weekends. […] I Believe in Little Things is [Panton's] debut children’s album, and it’s everything a jazz album should be: smooth, mellow and sweet.
Pilar Mitchell, babyology, Australia
Like a warm cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon, I Believe In Little Thingsslowly seeps in and warms you to the soul. There are some children’s music albums that wear out their welcome rather quickly and then there are others you just wish could go on longer. This album falls well into that second category. […] This was my first experience with Diana Panton’s music, and I was taken with her right away. Not only did it infuse peace into an otherwise chaotic week for our family, her song selections made me feel nostalgic for the simple, little things of my own childhood—a feeling which will bring me back to listen again and again.
Sing Whistle Zing
I always tear up when I hear Kermit the Frog sing “The Rainbow Connection,” but I have a new appreciation for the heart-tugging tune now that I’ve enjoyed Panton’s version.
Lisa J. Curtis,New York Parenting: New and Noteworthy
I especially loved “Halfway Down the Stairs,” written by Winnie the Pooh’s A.A. Milne, as well as “The Rainbow Connection” (my kids’ favorite – they belt it out when it comes on) and “Sleep is a Precious Thing,” written by Diana herself, which was reminiscent of Nora Jones’ “Come Away with Me.” The album is not only great for cozy afternoons, it also works in the car, when the kids are getting wild and need something to calm them down. It can also be a great lullaby CD for infants and kids of any age.
Maytal Wichman, The Mama Maven
If happy dreams had a soundtrack, I imagine it would sound like I Believe in Little Things by Diana Panton. The sweet melodic vocals of Panton with the soft music will hypnotize you to pure happiness.
Lisa Rupertus,A Rup Life
Her voice had me by the second note, and the only thing repetition has done is make me love her more. A Canadian artist, her voice is as delicate as lace and perfectly complements the light jazz style of her music. […] This album is made up of sweet, familiar songs from childhood (many of them from beloved movies), and the piano/guitar accompaniment is just as enjoyable to listen to as Diana Panton's voice. I think she's just recently starting to get some (well-deserved) attention in the U.S., and I'm so glad. I want to buy every single one of her albums. Favorite song(s): "Sing" and "Hushabye Mountain" (sorry, I couldn't choose just one).
Sunlit Pages
Where others in the popular music realm may vocally assault, [Panton] instead draws the listener into what seems a personal world. She does so with inherent ease, unforced nuance in both style and meanings, and an unaffected and natural presence. She sings quietly because she has private things to say and we lean forward to hear the feelings revealed. [Read full review]
James Strecker, Arts Reviewer
This altogether extraordinary album should be part of every contemporary child’s experience. Its polished delivery of wisely chosen lyrics and opulent creativity offer a respite of calm in an often-turbulent world. The artistry of the performers is truly world class. [Read full review]
SoCal City Kids
Jazz-based albums for children are rare, yet this exquisite contribution by Diana Panton should delight adult lovers of […] jazz and serve to introduce children to the wonders of the genre.
Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice Awards (Silver Honour Award)
Panton's sound brings to mind Blossom Dearie. She has a light and relaxed voice which fits well with the material [...] I found myself moved by many of the renditions here and while Panton's voice is gentle it never sounds jejune. [...] Most enjoyable.
Robert Rusch, Papatamus, CADENCE Magazine
The finely crafted music is consistently plush and shimmering, listenable and soothing yet still graced by impeccable jazz qualities and details.
Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen
Oozing elegance and swinging soul, Canadian jazz vocalist Diana Panton's newest release is a magical and divine treat for the ears. A carefully curated anthology of Disney, "Sesame Street" and even "Willy Wonka" gems, the timeless CD combines gorgeous acoustic bass, vibraphone, cello, piano and jazz guitar. But Panton's sweet, clear voice stands out in an incredibly exquisite manner, ensuring listeners forget their worries and savor the little things.
Lee Littlewood, New Music to Inspire Kids' Worlds, Kids' Home Library
****! With her signature delivery, impeccable diction, and a girl-next-door quality to her voice, Ms. Panton has created a family album that will surely win fans young and old alike to her impeccable talents.
Conrad Gayle, Spill Magazine
[Read the full review]
****! "In her approach to Willy Wonka's "Pure Imagination" and 13 other dreamy tunes, the Canadian singer defines tonal sweetness and purity of expression. Whether singing in English or in French, Panton's voice glides ever soothingly. Torontonians Reg Schwager on guitar and Don Thompson on vibes, bass and piano, and Coenraad Bloemendal on cello are quietly authoritative musicians."
Frank-John Hadley, DownBeat
Oozing elegance and swinging soul, Canadian jazz vocalist Diana Panton’s newest release is a magical and divine treat for the ears … Panton’s sweet, clear voice stands out in an incredibly exquisite manner, ensuring listeners forget their worries and savor the little things.
Lee Littlewood, Creators Syndicate
To all of her material, Panton brings admirable sincerity and she sings with a soft and gentle vocal sound, excellent diction (here and there, singing in French) and a light sense of swing. She clearly loves the music she performs and is well served in all that she does by Don Thompson and Reg Schwager, both of whom support the singer admirably. They also have solo space, particularly on the second album, whereon both Guido Basso and Phil Dwyer are also featured, the latter notably on Tis Autumn, which is a lovely duet for voice and saxophone.
Bruce Crowther, UK's Jazz Journal