・National Parenting Product Award 2019
・Family Choice Award 2019
・#1 iRadio BCC's International Pop Chart
・#1 Books.com + Eslite Jazz Charts
・Top 10 Best Kids Music of the Year,
・High Five Album of the Week, Kinderling
 Kids Radio, Australia
1. Happy Talk
2. It's a Most Unusual Day
3. “A” You're Adorable
4. Red Red Robin
5. I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
6. Cheerful Little Earful
7. If You Feel Like Singing, Sing

8. Music and Me
9. Pocketful of Miracles
10. Look to the Rainbow
11. All in the Golden Afternoon
12. Experiment
13. Aren't You Glad You're You?
14. Sing a Rainbow
15. Hush-a-bye Island

Diana Panton - vocals
Reg Schwager - guitar
Don Thompson - bass, piano, vibraphone

A Cheerful Little Earful is the second jazz album for kids by charming real-life singing fairy Diana Panton. Her sweet voice interprets sparkling gems from the Great American Songbook and children's classics from Sesame Street to Walt Disney. Sensitive and playful arrangements by Don Thompson (Order of Canada, JUNO Winner) underline the joyful nature of this spirited outing. Both Thompson and Reg Schwager (National Jazz Award Winner) were prior members of the George Shearing quartet and their high quality solos shimmer throughout this recording. The overall musical effect is a sprinkling of stardust that magically brightens your day and helps melt your worries away. This happy collection of songs is ideal for young listeners, as well as the young at heart. The album provides the stepping stones for both kids to connect with jazz and adults to reconnect with their inner child. This music has the remarkable ability to entice both the jazz beginner and the aficionado. Listen and be prepared to grin from ear to ear!

Diana Panton's voice is irresistible. It's not just that her phrasing is rich with mischief and joy. Or that she has great taste in songs and that she gleefully avoids tired songbook standards. For me, it's her sound and skills. She's always in pitch, no matter the risks taken with her voice, and there's a hip, girlish quality about her delivery. Ever spend time watching kids fly a kite? That's Diana's voice, darting here and there way up high in the wind.
Marc Myers, JazzWax
“Panton’s latest album could be described as “A Beginner’s Guide to the American Songbook” – and this is meant as a compliment! The award-winning Canadian jazz vocalist has fashioned a beautiful set of songs that is far more than just a “little earful” of cheerful tunes. [...] Panton does a marvellous job at not making her arrangements too intricate nor overly simplifying her songs because this is a “kids album.” She winds up hitting a happy medium with her joy-filled jazzy music that parents just might want to slip on to provide a lift when they have a case of the grown-up blues.”
2019 National Parenting Product Award Winner
Canadian jazz singer, Diana Panton’s new album is a splendid work which makes us both happy and relaxed. The greatest charm of her music is her voice itself. It’s very sweet and girlish. Thus, it comes as no surprise that these cheerful tunes sung by such a charming voice will surely make listeners happy. Special mention should also be made of the wonderful arrangements tailored for each song and of the well-considered order of the tracks.
Takaaki Sakurai, Jazz Life
A pure and gentle voice with an elegant jazz sound. It’s a new album from Diana Panton, also nicknamed the "real-life Canadian singing fairy”. This [Cheerful Little Earful] is a second album dedicated to children, following her best-selling first recording with the same theme, I Believe in Little Things. This album’s concept is “happy” and is comprised of more up-tempo tunes. The first track, “Happy Talk” by Rogers & Hammerstein, conveys th is concept perfectly. We get excited by its swinging bossa-flavoured arrangement, cute vocal and chic piano sound. The album also includes some quiet tunes featuring very beautiful melodies, such as “Look to the Rainbow”, and hidden rarely-covered gems, such as“I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” and “Experiment”. This album is actually “dedicated to children”, but many beautiful tunes included on this recording will surely appeal to adults too. In addition to the vocals, the wonderful ensemble playing by piano, bass, guitar and vibraphone will fascinate listeners. The musicians are Don Thompson and Reg Schwager who have accompanied Diana from her very first album. I’m sure that this album is a new masterpiece from her.
Naoko Shimada, Jazz Japan
One of the brightest jewels in the crown of today’s jazz scene, two-time JUNO Award winner Diana Panton again brings her distinctive brand of sweet, sincere, swinging elegance straight to the hearts of young and old alike with her second album for children and families.
Family Choice Award-Winner
Just because it may be appropriate for children doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by adults. Good music is good music, right? And there is a whole lot of good music coming out of Canada these days.
Michael Doherty’s, Music Log
The worthy follow up to her Juno award-winning [kids'] debut, this is one set the grown ups can’t get frustrated to in the car. Delightfully played and presented for kids of all ages, this’ll be a good litmus test to see how the kids of young ages feel about Gershwin and Disney classics. Undoubtedly tasty throughout by a small cadre of pros that can do no wrong.
Midwest Record
This latest offering from Panton is fittingly titled. That is because it will leave listeners of all ages feeling cheerful after they get an earful of the record. [...] What is truly interesting here is that while the variety of songs is plentiful, they defy the standard definition of “Family Music.” Most of the music here is jazz, and jazz is music for everyone [...]. So it is a family music album, but also an album of music for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. [...]
Phil’s Picks
Diana has a soft warm lullaby voice that fits perfectly with these soothing, happy tunes. Reg Schwager (g) and Don Thompson (b, p, vibes) join Panton with swinging jazzy instrumentation. The jazz is paired to the mood, nothing harsh, just warm tones and bouncing rhythms.
O's Place Jazz
Two-time JUNO Award winner Diana Panton presents A Cheerful Little Earful, a family-friendly album of classic songs, including beloved Americana tunes as well hits from Disney and Sesame Street. Panton's stylish, jazzy performance is a joy to experience, creating a wonderful album that both adults and little ones will treasure hearing again and again. Highly recommended!
Midwest Book Review
In this album the music organically unfolds from the beginnings of a smile. And I dare you to not smile as you listen.[...] Surely Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, and the rest are pleased with such honest and heartfelt renditions of their masterpieces. I know I felt the sunshine emanating from my heart as I listened to this music.
Cherry Blossoms The Blog
Although several years have passed since I Believe in Little Things, Diana's voice is still as sweet as ever and perfectly cheerful to match the title of her new album. It's hard not to smile at the sweet melodies. [...] My kids loved listening to the songs as much as I did and the album is especially great in the car as most of the songs are pretty upbeat and make for a fun, relaxing, car ride.
The Mama Maven
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Canada’s award winning children’s artist, Diana Panton delivers a delightful new album that brings her smooth, jazzy tones to life. There's songs that encourage kids to be curious, a Sesame Street classic re-imagined, and some very cute alphabet-inspired moments. It's a delightful album that will leave your family smiling!
High Five Album of the Week, Kinderling Kids Radio, Australia
Panton has a gift for singing with simple phrasing and with an unaffected delivery that places emphasis on the melody at hand; this stripped-down style works perfectly in the small-ensemble setting with Schwager and Thompson, and also focuses the listener’s attention on the songs’ lyrics. [...] whether Panton’s listeners are swept up in a rush of nostalgia or experiencing these songs for the first time, it’s safe to say that they’ll enjoy this well-crafted record.
Colin Story, WholeNote Magazine
A Cheerful Little Earful is truly a family album both kids and parents will enjoy which is a nice change from the ear-bleeding Baby Shark, the Kidz Bop albums or any other kid-centered music found on Youtube. 
wo-time Juno Award winner Diana Panton’s lovely, clear voice expertly handles these 15 songs in various styles of jazz. Panton’s clear enunciation makes it easy to understand the lyrics. Well-known jazz musicians Reg Schwager and Don Thompson provide outstanding background music on guitar, bass, piano, and vibraphone. [...] These Canadian artists have created a wonderful album for the whole family to enjoy together.
Bookworm Bev
Three cheers for A Cheerful Little Earful, singer Diana Panton's new collection for the young and young at heart that manages to be upbeat and gentle at the same time. It is contagiously and consistently charming, with an unforced and refreshing sweetness. How can you not smile? Its appreciative evocation of the simpler joys in life, crooned and played with ease, is easy to take—and take to heart. [...] It's just the right antidote for all the noise and negativity in the world.
Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway
[...] there’s nothing like the eternal magic of this repertoire sung by Diana Panton, with the great musicianship of Don Thompson and Reg Schwager accompanying her along the way. As ever on A Cheerful Little Earful Miss Panton is on top of her game. She gives notice throughout that she is an artist of the first order.
Raul da Gama, Toronto Music Report
A Canadian jazz vocal star with 2 Juno Awards under her belt, Diana Panton returns with a 2nd family oriented album, and her flawless and sweet pipes sound better than ever across the charming affair. [...] Now 10 albums into her esteemed career, Panton continues her consistent execution of quality musicianship that, even though directed to the young ears, is absolutely fun for the whole family.
9/10 Take Effect Reviews