to Brazil with love
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    Goro Ito, Japan

    Perhaps it is Canada's geographic location, but Diana's vocals in French are far removed from that of the Parisian artist's. I find French singers tend to have a cool and languid loneliness, but Diana's voice has a unique dry sweetness, more akin to artists in Rio. Her French accent is so cute and her voice, smooth, yet a bit husky, delivers the lyrics intricately intertwined with the melody. Her rhythm has an elegant gentle groove which feels like walking on a plush carpet. Her music has re-awakened in me the wonder that language possesses. In Bossa Nova, the Portuguese language itself has rhythm and melody. This rhythm and melody create Bossa's core. I feel the French language also has a strong melody, as much melody as the song itself, and the language's melody is given priority over the song's melody. For example, can I mention Shamson's talk-like singing ... anyway, it is powerful. Diana's vocal also has strength. Her interpretation of Jobim's "Tu sais je vais t'aimer" gives me the pleasant illusion that a new melody has been created on the original melody and it makes me want to listen to the song over and over - forever. Diana Panton's Bossa Nova songs are a delightful discovery for me.