In Concert
  • Tokyo Cotton Club Review
    by Kiyotaka Hirai, Jazz Hihyo issue no.189, Japan

    Diana Panton is from Canada, the country which also gave us Holy Cole and Diana Krall. Since the release of her debut album in 2005, she is now a regular JUNO Award nominee (Canada's version of the Grammies) and her albums have made it high up in our “Jazz Audio Disc Awards” too each year.

    She is very popular in other asian countries too and has had concerts in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai before, but this time was her first appearance in Japan. Her appearance was a part of her “I Believe in Little Things” Asian tour and she had concerts for 2 days (Oct. 5th & 6th), 4 sets total, at Cotton Club Tokyo, and I visitied 2nd set of the first day.

    This time, she came to Japan with Reg Schwager (g) and Neil Swainson (b). At first, I worried that the support of only guitar and bass would not be enough for the Cotton Club’s stage, but I knew that it was a pointless concern soon after she started to sing her opener “Destination Moon”, swinging happily. I felt that the whole venue was bathed in her sweet voice. She went on to sing “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”, “Wouldn’t It Lovery”, “Tea for Two” and by that point, I found that I was totally lured into her musical world. The whole audience surrendered to her sweet voice and was healed by the music, even in the swinging tunes. I found a quiet feeling of satisfaction during the show.

    […] Next time, I hope we can have her do a “Japan tour” and have a chance to enjoy her shows in other Japanese cities as well.