• Jazz chanteuse Diana Panton sets herself apart on Pink
    by Graham Rockingham, Metro Magazine, Jan. 7, 2010

    At times it seems like there’s an army of women out there with sweet voices recording jazz standards with the backing of well-paid veteran musicians. Every city seems to have a couple and they all pretty much sound alike. So it’s truly delightful when one comes along who stands out from the rest, as Diana Panton does. She’s a young singer from Hamilton, Ont., who pulled off a Juno nomination last year without any record label support. Pink ­ Panton’s third self-produced CD ­ is stocked with 15 lighthearted romantic standards like Wouldn’t It Be Lovely, Tea For Two, Me Myself And I and What Is There To Say. Panton delivers the perfect balance of wit and heartache. She doesn’t just sing these classics, she understands them. That’s a rare talent and it has drawn three of the best jazz players in the country around her. Guido Basso (horns), Reg Schwager (guitar) and Don Thompson (keyboards) would follow her anywhere.