Many CDs are shooting for at least a bit of the classic burnished beauty and heartfelt lyricism that's abundantly audible on Pink. For whatever reasons, they fall short. For Panton, it just seems to come naturally.
Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen
・Silver Disc Award, Japan's Jazz Critique
・Best Female Vocalist, Best Jazz Album
 Winner, HMA's
・Favourite Jazz Artist Nominee, Sirius XM
・Featured Release, JAZZ.FM
・Top Albums of the Year: Perlich Post, Hamilton
・Top 3 Gifts: CBC's Afternoon Edition
・Forecast: Musicians to Watch (and Listen) For,
 Massey Hall's Soundboard: The Scene
1. wouldn't it be loverly
2. my ideal
3. I walk a little faster
4. my future just passed
5. wonder why
6. me myself and I
7. what is there to say
8. tea for two

  9. please be kind
10. I wish I knew
11. they didn't believe me
12. love-wise
13. hold me hold me hold me
14. five minutes more
15. wait till you see him

Diana Panton - vocal
Guido Basso - cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn
Reg Schwager - guitar
Don Thompson - bass, piano, vibraphone

Diana's release, "pink" (Oct. 2009), is a narrative concept album about the twists and turns of new love. It features superb accompaniment once again from Reg Schwager and Don Thompson along with a highlight appearance from Canada's premier horn player Guido Basso. The CD was a featured release on JAZZ.FM 91.1 and was first released as part of the station's Sound of Jazz Series. "pink" was selected as a Fave of 2009 by Tim Perlich (The Perlich Post) and it was included as a highlight of 2009 in Graham Rockingham's year-end review (The Hamilton Spectator) . CBC's Brent Nielsen (The Afternoon Edition) put "pink" on his list of the TOP 3 Gift CDs for 2009 and Massey Hall's Daniella Lagiglia (Soundboard: The Scene) placed Diana on her forecast for 2010: Musicians to watch (and Listen) For. The album also earned Diana a nomination as the Favorite Jazz Artist of the Year at the 2010 Canadian Independent Music Awards (The Indies). "pink" was a triple nominee at the 2010 Hamilton Music Awards and won for Best Female Vocalist and Best Jazz Album of the Year. In 2010, pink was awarded a Silver Disc Award by Jazz Critique Magazine upon its release in Japan.

Among the many new vocal stars on the jazz scene today, Diana Panton has special charms. No other vocalist recaptures the atmosphere of the quality analog LP days, as well as Diana. Her coquettish voice and quick vibrato is reminiscent of the great girl singers ranging from Rosemary Clooney to Blossom Dearie. Also, her selection of songs is amazing. Surprisingly, the bonus track is a cover of a Ron Sexsmith song - this too is fantastic!
Kazutomi Aoki, Japan's JAZZLIFE
A rare and outstanding vocalist, Diana Panton has the magical ability to draw the audience into listening attentively to her album track by track. It's uncommon to find such a fresh, appealing and beautiful female vocalist combined with great skill and a delicate voice that is nonetheless full of colour and variations. Compared with recent female jazz contemporaries, none of their voices, nor their recordings, can match the high standard put forth by Diana Panton's smooth, elegant, delicate, refreshing and distinctively charming vocal style.
Hong Kong's Hi-Fi Review
With a pure and natural voice, rising Canadian jazz star, Diana Panton sings fifteen distinctively refreshing and refined jazz standards on Pink. Panton's trio accompanies her flawlessly to capture her emotion and breath while she interprets the songs, thus creating a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere.
Ma Fei Fat, Hong Kong's Ming Pao Weekly
Michael Bublé may be the best-known Canadian jazz crooner. However a new jazz singer, born in Ontario and Juno Award nominated, Diana Panton cannot be ignored as the new force in today's Canadian pop jazz era.
Hong Kong's SingTao Daily
Unlike most of the densely-arranged jazz albums produced today, Pink's simple arrangements can release your stress and temporarily help you forget your worries. The music is just like the album cover - calm and clear.
Rui-Feng Hong, Taiwan's Audio Art Magazine
Diana Panton has a magical quality. Her voice and singing are charming and romantic, yet never too sweet and she sometimes even sound divine. Her unique character cannot be simply defined by the word "cute". Were I to try and describe her, I would say "a sensual, cool, lovely beauty". I was equally impressed with her choice of songs which was not limited to a list of famous standards, but rather a careful selection of songs that fit her character and shed light on some hidden gems.
Shouji Ichikawa, Japan's CD JOURNAL
The music industry is an arena where egocentricity and “divas gone bad” behaviour is often the order of the day in the interests of revenue over artistic achievement. Happily for music fans who value genuine creative talent, there is always refreshing exceptions. An interesting case in point would be Canadian jazz chanteuse Diana Panton, whose growing reputation among both her fans and some well-known names in the field (among them jazz statesmen Yusef Lateef) has not altered a personal approach to creativity characterized by genuine modesty and a strong work ethic.
Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine
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Panton has carefully chosen a collection of well-crafted songs that she can mine for lyrical gold. She is foremost a story teller - not a flashy or emotionally overwrought singer - Panton simply and deftly presents the songs so the listener can take them in without being distracted by vocal pyrotechnics. With her soft, sweet voice and sincere delivery you can really believe it when she sings “This is my first affair” on Please Be Kind and on Wouldn’t It Be Loverly when she pines for “a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air” you just want to run right out and find her one!
Cathy Riches, Wholenote Magazine
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Forecast for 2010: Musicians to Watch (and Listen) For: There has been a lot of buzz around this Hamilton-based jazz singer since her 2005 debut release …yesterday perhaps. Diana frequently collaborates with Canadian jazz heavyweights Don Thomson and Reg Schwager and has garnered critical acclaim for her work, along with nominations for both the Junos and the National Jazz Awards. With her latest release, Pink, Diana has put out a collection of well-crafted songs that highlight her soft, sincere vocals. In a time when it seems that every young woman with a pretty voice wants to become the next Sarah Vaughan, Diana stands out from the crowd.
Daniella Lagiglia Soundboard: The Scene
[Pink] is an astonishing album of delicate strength and subtle emotional depths - and yes, swing.
James Reaney, The London Free Press
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Jazz chanteuse Diana Panton sets herself apart on Pink. Panton delivers the perfect balance of wit and heartache. She doesn’t just sing these classics, she understands them. That’s a rare talent and it has drawn three of the best jazz players in the country around her. Guido Basso (horns), Reg Schwager (guitar) and Don Thompson (keyboards) would follow her anywhere.
Graham Rockingham, Metro Magazine
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This is a wonderful recording by a beautiful singer. Her spirit just shines thru on every note she sings. [...]. She makes each song sound so real and her voice is like the sweetest bird you'll ever hear. Diana's a real exotic bird. Just lovely.
Sheila Jordan
Si la douceur avait un nom, elle s'appellerait Diana Panton. "Pink" est un album absolument délicieux, magnifiquement réalisé et dont l'écoute en boucle amène un état de calme et de sérénité rarement expérimenté dans la course effrénée de nos vies contemporaines. Merci trois fois, pour une voix magique, pour un choix de chansons uniques et pour des accompagnateurs musicaux absolument parfaits !
Kathya Heppell, Jazarella, CISM 89.3 FM
Une voix sensuelle, des standards inusables, bref, le troisième disque de la chanteuse [...] fera certainement beaucoup d’adeptes. Pour ceux et celles d’entres vous, pour qui jazz est synonyme de plénitude, douceur de vivre avec un brin nostalgique, courrez chez votre disquaire surtout en cette période d’achats.
Christophe Rodriguez, JAZZCD, sortiesJAZZnights.com
Many CDs are shooting for at least a bit of the classic burnished beauty and heartfelt lyricism that's abundantly audible on Pink. For whatever reasons, they fall short. For Panton, it just seems to come naturally.
Peter Hum, The Ottawa Citizen,
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